After an 18 year career as a Bank Operations Officer, my dream of owning an embroidery shop began in the summer of 1989, and I opened my shop in August of that year.  It was a slow beginning, with a very gigantic learning curve, not only in being my own boss, but in learning the business.  The memory of my first attendance at a buying market was an overwhelming experience.  I realized that I had so much to learn!
     Here I am 21 years later and I still thoroughly enjoy my daily chats with my customers, as we share ideas and our mutual love of embroidery.   It is exciting to see a design come to life with interesting stitch techniques and fabulous threads.  The variety of threads, fabrics and accessories available today challenges us to be creative with our needle.
      I am often asked if I stitch all the models in my shop and that question always brings a smile to my face.  Running a business takes more time than I ever thought, so I do not have the opportunity to stitch as often as I would like.   Consequently, I live vicariously through my customers and encourage all to bring in their projects for me to admire.

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